Continuous Improvement Plan

For those who want to apply cybersecurity every day, we have a 24/7 recurring continuous improvement plan.

Pentest of changes

Data backups

0-day vulnerability alerts

Phishing Reporting Service

Periodic Social Engineering Campaigns

Periodic Training


Continuous Improvement Plan

With our continuous improvement service, we accompany those companies committed to cybersecurity in their day-to-day operations, ensuring they don’t fall behind in an increasingly hostile cyberspace.


Why is it important to have a continuous improvement plan?

Going hand in hand with a specialized cybersecurity company is essential for those who want to remain competitive in an ever-changing environment.


How we do it

This cybersecurity plan is a comprehensive approach to safeguarding an organization’s assets. Firstly, conducting pentests on asset modifications ensures that updates or changes in systems and applications do not introduce undetected vulnerabilities, enhancing ongoing security.

The alert for 0-day vulnerabilities provides an additional layer of protection by staying informed about newly discovered threats. Periodic phishing campaigns and security awareness training help strengthen employees’ resilience against social engineering attacks, reducing the risk of security breaches. Finally, backups ensure the availability of critical data in the event of an incident, supporting business continuity in adverse situations. Together, this plan proactively addresses cyber threats and enhances the organization’s security posture.

Pentest of changes

Audit of each modification made to the systems.

0-day vulnerability alerts

New vulnerabilities that may affect the systems.

Periodic Social Engineering Campaigns

Tailored to each organization, to assess awareness.

Data backup

Offline, incremental, and unidirectional.

Phishing Reporting Service

In the face of doubt about a fraudulent email, we provide guidance.

Periodic Training

Customized to the needs of each organization.


What does the continuous improvement plan bring?

From a general perspective, this cybersecurity plan translates into a more resilient and prepared organization to face evolving cyber threats.

By combining rigorous testing, early vulnerability detection, ongoing training, and a robust backup strategy, the company is in an optimal position to protect its assets and ensure business continuity.


This plan provides a clear and proactive view of the organization’s cybersecurity. Continuous assessment and 0-day vulnerability alerts enable the company to stay one step ahead in identifying and mitigating emerging threats, keeping the security posture up to date and adapted to the latest threats.


Finally, the implementation of this plan demonstrates a strong commitment to data and asset protection. This reinforces the confidence of customers, partners, and stakeholders, who know that the organization is dedicated to keeping its operations secure and ensuring the integrity of confidential information. This trust is essential in a constantly evolving digital world.


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