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Assess your organization’s resilience with a completely realistic cyber attack simulation.


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Red Team Exercise

A “Red Team” in cybersecurity is a maneuver, carried out by a team of professionals, that simulates a realistic and sophisticated cyber attack against an organization.

Its objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of the defenses and the company’s response capacity. Red Team members use advanced techniques to identify vulnerabilities, exploit weaknesses, and provide valuable insight to improve security posture, ensuring the organization is prepared against real cyber threats.


Why it is important to make a Red Team

Conducting Red Team exercises on a regular basis is essential to maintaining a company’s cybersecurity. These exercises help identify potential weaknesses in real time, train personnel in threat detection and response, and improve preparedness to face real cyber attacks, strengthening the organization’s security posture.


How do we do it

A Red Team exercise begins with planning, where objectives and scope are established. The team then simulates a realistic cyber attack, using advanced techniques and tools to identify weaknesses. The company monitors the response and takes corrective measures. Finally, the results are analyzed and detailed reports are generated with recommendations to strengthen security.

Asset evaluation

The initial phase of pentesting involves identifying and enumerating assets, such as servers, applications, devices, and employees, to understand the scope and potential entry points of the exercise.


For an indefinite period of time, an attempt is made to compromise any asset of the organization, using any possible technique.

Final report

The final report of a Red Team summarizes findings, weaknesses and recommendations. It provides the organization with a clear view of its cybersecurity and an action plan to improve it.


What a Red Team contributes

A Red Team exercise provides a practical and accurate assessment of a company’s cybersecurity. It reveals weaknesses in real time, improves personnel readiness for real attacks, identifies hidden vulnerabilities and provides specific recommendations to strengthen defenses, ensuring effective protection against cyber threats.


A Red Team exercise provides critical insight into the organization’s ability to detect and respond to threats. It helps companies identify gaps in their security processes and trains staff to detect and respond effectively to cyber attacks.


Lastly, these exercises reinforce the confidence of the company and its stakeholders. By demonstrating an ongoing commitment to cybersecurity and the ability to withstand attacks, you build trust with customers, partners and regulators, which is critical in an increasingly dangerous digital environment.


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