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Threats in cyberspace are becoming increasingly common and sophisticated. Therefore, it is essential to have the proper defense in place to prevent incidents.

At Nacata Security, we base our methodology on three fundamental steps.



We review and audit our clients’ systems for vulnerabilities and potential entry points that an attacker could exploit to gain unauthorized access.

This can occur in Wi-Fi networks, servers, websites, APIs, applications, hardware, etc.



Once a vulnerability has been detected, it is necessary to quantify the risk it poses to the company.

We work with the development teams to determine if the vulnerability has been previously exploited and what impact it has had.



During the audit, vulnerabilities with high criticality are reported immediately for repair.

The rest of the vulnerabilities are reported later, along with possible solutions for mitigation, in order to close all security gaps.


The best defense is a good offense

Offensive Security

In Nacata Security, we perform penetration tests just like a real attacker would (without the impact that this would entail).

Putting ourselves in the shoes of hackers when attacking a system allows us to detect, respond to, and mitigate exploitable weaknesses that may exist.

2022 Cyberthreats, with numbers:

New vulnerabilities discovered in the past year

Average cost of a ransomware attack on a company

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